Apr 6, 2011


Let's start.

In English class: Yes or No questions.

20 students? Yes
13 girls and 7 boys? Yes.

In math class:

There's 13 girls in the swimming pool. Suddenly, 7 kids running and jumping to the pool. So, how many kids in the swimming pool?- 20.

In Bahasa class:

Pada urutan abjad, di urutan ke berapakah huruf 'T'?- 20.

In Physics class:

A man asked for a Coffee in coffee shop. He drink the coffe and he asked for another one. So how much coffee he drinks? (one cup: 10 ml)  -20

In Sports class:

Teacher: You have to throw this for 5 times.
Student: Okay.
Student: It's 3 metres, sir.
Teacher: Continue.
Teacher: Hmmph.... Cool. 5 metres for this time.
Student: Wow! I just made a record. 8 metres!
Teacher: Good. Last one.
Teacher: Yeah. 4 metres. Count how long you've throw the stick.
Student: 3+5+8+4= 20.
Teacher: 20 metres. Good work!

The conclusion of all the stories above? It's all about 20. Yeah! And I'm so sorry if this post is spamming-_-

This is our 2nd post. Let's pray for the post O:)

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Mar 28, 2011

A trip with #DEF's

On 1st of April 2011, #Mazef will go to Avatar Outbound with #Ray and #ExDivel. Thanks to our moms who made this trip. It was actually on 2nd of April, but the mom has changed it, we don't know why. It'll be #Mazef's second trip. (The first trip was the Dufan trip on 28th of December 2010)